About Espoir Youth Programs, Inc.

Espoir Youth Programs, Inc. was founded in 2012 by Dr. Samarth Joseph with the goal of improving and increasing educational opportunities available to children in the USA and less developed countries. Based on her experiences in both the USA and Haiti, it was Dr. Joseph's dream to develop and incorporate programs inside and outside of schools that promote additional learning time and vocational training for students, encourage parental and community involvement and help improve physical and mental health.

Currently, we are operating in the United States, specifically in the Westbury, N.Y. community. In the near future, Espoir will work to provide youth programs in Haiti, Jamaica, Guadeloupe, Trinidad & Tobago, Barbados, Grenada, Aruba, Dominica, Anguilla and St. Vincent & The Grenadines. Espoir also has plans to reach even more children as time goes on. Through these programs we will help students develop confidence, avoid peer pressure, and create a more social experience within the classroom. At the beginning of each year, Espoir has a Light on Youth celebration each year to get everyone excited about learning. This Program features an open house for parents showcasing all activities and previous students' work.

Espoir has also already begun to work with local churches near its base in Long Island, NY to feed the less fortunate and provide the community with basic needs. We hope that by working to improve conditions for those around us, we can continue to help those across the globe find a better world.

Espoir means "hope". With your help, we can provide hope for the youth of here in the United States and developing countries so they can focus on the bright futures ahead.

About Our Logo

Espoir’s logo consists of a tree being pulled out of the earth by two massive hands. The hands are those of God, who has carefully and gently uprooted it and preserved the tree as a whole as the world appears in the middle. These hands also symbolize helping all those who need it - the tree itself represents the under developed nations and the leaves and branches stand for the cultural diversity all over the globe. All of these images and ideas are intertwined and purvey Espoir's message and goal of spreading hope.


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