Over the years, Haiti has suffered from corruption and the proliferation of gangs. Nowhere has this hit harder than the country's schools which are rife with under-achieving students. The earthquake that rattled the nation in 2010 worsened these statistics. Since schools finish at noon and there are virtually no programs to occupy time, kids fall into gangs, prostitution and theft. Right now less than half of school-aged Haitian children are enrolled in primary schools, and approximately 75% of teachers have inadequate training.

Espoir International intends to create after-school programs for these at-risk youth, focusing on improving their self-esteem and self-worth as they develop skills that will allow them to excel rather than fall behind.


The schools that Espoir will be working with in Haiti include:

  • Ecole Adventist Jerusalem in Thomassique
  • Ecole National Toussaint Louverture de Palmiste-Bas, Thomassique
  • Ecole Mix Don de Dieu, Petite Riviere de Bayonnais
  • Commune de Gronaive. 

80 students will be a part of the after school program in each location. Espoir will also be sponsoring a vocational center next to the schools that will provide 40 youths the opportunity to learn how to make clothing.