Jamaicans believe that the foundation of their educational system involves teaching children in early childhood, and it shows with schools starting for those 2 years of age. In recent years, however, belief systems started to change and many parents began to view early education as a waste of money. Espoir's goal is to help these parents realize the important of developing their child's mind at an early age and continue traditional beliefs. Programs

Espoir will open its six sites in Jamaica in the near future. The schools chosen by Espoir are:

  • Annotto Bay High School in St. Mary 
  • Waterford Primary School in St. Catherine
  • Bridgeport Primary School in Portmore
  • St. Richard's Primary School in St. Andrew
  • Brinkley Primary School in St. Elizabeth 

The after school program will run from 1:00pm to 5:00pm Monday through Friday and will be available to 80 students per school. In order to initiate the program, Espoir plans to hire qualified teachers from the schools and the communities.