Shining a Light on Youth in the USA and Developing Countries

Espoir International Programs

Espoir is committed to a standard of excellence in education for children in less developed countries. Our first after-school sites will be established in 10 Caribbean countries with six sites in each country. Three high schools in each country will be selected along with three elementary schools. These sites will provide after-school programs for 80 students.

In order to help students reach their maximum potential, Espoir plans to offer tutoring to students who have academic difficulties. Recreational sessions will provide them with another outlet to express themselves creatively, whether through basketball, soccer, art, poetry, debating or even journalism.

The academic year will begin with a Light on Youth celebration to welcome all the participants and get them excited for what lies ahead. Espoir will also hold two separate parent appreciation days to encourage the children's families to get and stay involved in their education. The year will conclude with an awards ceremony, honoring Espoir's students and staff.

Espoir's After School Schedule



 Description  Number of Participants
 12pm - 12:55pm  Treat Time
 It's important to start the afternoon off right, so Espoir will give each student juice and crackers or cookies starting at noon. Children are to eat responsibly and clean up after themselves when finished.
  •  80 per site
 1pm - 3pm
 Tutoring Session
 Espoir will tutor students in math, science and literacy, with three classes in session in each subject happening simultaneously. Our sessions are structured, so that children will receive the amount of time necessary for them to succeed. 
  •  80 per Site
  •  9 Teachers and 8.88 children in per class
 4pm – 5:30pm  Recreational Session  The Recreational Session is divided in two major activity areas: Clubs and Sports.  
The Art Club will teach students to work with colors, shapes, lines, forms, patterns and textures. It will encourage them to express themselves creatively through art. 
  • 80 per Site
  • 1 Monitor
  • 7 Participants
     The Poetry Club is designed to teach students the dynamics of poetry and demonstrate different ways for them to express themselves through it.
  •  1 Monitor
  • 7 Participants
     The Newsletter Club will help participants develop their journalism and leadership skills.
  •  1 Monitor
  • 7 Participants
     The Debate Club will help students develop their public speaking skills. Participants will be nurtured and challenged so that they will be effectively able to compete in debate competitions.
  •  1 Monitor
  • 7 Participants
     Soccer is more than just a game for children in many less developed countries: it is a passion. Espoir will give participants the opportunity to enjoy playing soccer during the recreational session.
  •  1 Coach
  • 12 Participants
     Basketball will provide participants with another outlet to express themselves creatively while exercising. It will not only help students to become better basketball players, but also strengthen their physical endurance.
  •  1 Coach
  • 12 Participants
 5:35pm – 6pm  Teachers/Monitors/
Coaches Reports
 All Espoir staff and administrators complete their daily reports about the students.

  • 9 Academic Teachers
  • 4 Monitors (Clubs)
  • 2 Coaches
  • 2 Custodians
  • 3 Kitchen Helpers
  • 3 Security Staff